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I have over 20 years of professional writing experience, professionally, and as a University composition instructor. As an English major, and dating well before university, I undertook a rigorous study of canonical literature and philosophy. My interests evolved to the study of literary theory, a natural outcropping of my studies, reading from the likes of Jacques Derrida, Martin Heidegger, and others who take in the ebbs and flows of ontologies, cultures, or even linguistic or computational points of departure.

These interests probably led to my post-university career in security consulting. I designed systems to secure buildings, infrastructure, and people, across every market sector. As such I gained firsthand knowledge of the front-lines of governance, compliance, policy implementation, disaster recovery and response, continuity of operations planning, and the like. I consulted on HIPPA, SOX, NERC, FISMA, ISO, NFPA 72, NEC, ADA Life Safety 101, amongst many others. I designed Point-of-Sales systems for retailers, structured cabling for data centers, and hospitals, access control and camera systems for all manner of buildings.

To be an effective consultant required learning. Fortunately, I had access to a terrific LMS from the Wharton School of Business, where I completed about 130 hours of training in everything from global supply chains, governance models, organizational design, as examples.

Eventually, my interests and career turned to policy and governance, and eventually even to politics. I studied information security, public policy, and management at Carnegie Mellon, studying finance, statistics, decision-making heuristics, game-theory, platform economics, network security analysis, information warfare, analytics, to name a few.

After graduate school I had the opportunity to craft and author a new graduate program for a major university. I authored courses on subjects like The Public Policy of Cybersecurity, Enterprise Security, Global Cybersecurity Policy & Practices, and others. I designed cognitive interactions for online modules, working with an offshore outsourcing team of Instructional Designers. The program had over 750+ enrollees in its first year. It was one of the most challenging, and rewarding experiences I’ve had.

I wanted to provide the above back drop, as the culmination embodies my approach to writing your Message, Marketing Materials, and Manuals. The narrative your technology brings to potential users is quite simply all you are offering. The message should be, as well, unified to your vision, and its alignment to the music market, most specifically to your potential and existing customers.

I’ll bring my artistic, technical, and editorial background to bear on your ideas, whether a new endeavor, or polishing your existing work, syntax to style.

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