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Multiroute iOS Audio with Audiobus & Novation’s Circuit + AudioHub 2×4.

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My Basic audio experiment here was to see if I could get some more robust audio routings with my iPad and the Circuit, utilizing the Multiroute Audio available in the awesome Audiobus app – adding in the Line2USB cable really opens up the audio routing and processing capabilities on iOS.

And… I wasn’t sure if this experiment was going to work – but it does! And even after making these connections – there are still 2 sets of stereo outputs available on the AudioHub 2×4, along with its front-facing Stereo input, 1/4″ Headphone Jack, and the iPad’s Headphone jack. Not bad considering all we’ll connect up…

The Setup

  1. Novation Circuit
  2. iPad
  3. Novation AudioHub 2×4
  4. Behringer Line2USB Cable
  5. Apple Lightning-to-USB 3 Camera Adapter
  6. Apple Lightning-to-USB Cable and a Full 2.1A Power Supply
  7. Audiobus 3
  8. Speakers (1/4″, RCA, or even USB connected speakers can be used here). If you have USB monitors (like the Behringer Studio 50 USB’s) you can save/keep open even more Outputs from the AudioHub 2×4.
  • Steps
  1. Plug out Behringer Line2USB Cable from Novation Circuit into one of the 3 USB Ports on the Novation AudioHub 2×4. (I also had the AudioHub’s 12V Power Supply plugged in).

2. Plug out the Circuits USB Host Cable into one of the 3 USB Ports on the Novation AudioHub 2×4.

3. Connect your speakers to the Main outputs of the AudioHub.

4. Plug out the AudioHub’s Host Cable into the USB Port of the Apple Lightning-to-USB 3 Camera Adapter.

5. Plug out the Apple Lightning-to-USB cable from the USB 3 Camera Adapter to a 2.1A Power Source.

6. For Safety, turn volume down on the AudioHub 2×4, the Circuit, the iPad and your speakers if practical.

7. Close all your iOS apps, and consider doing a Force Restart on your iPad to ensure the Audio system behaves appropriately.

9. Now Connect the Apple Lightning-to-USB 3 Camera Adapter to your iPad’s lightning port.

10. Open Audiobus 3 app – Go to the in-app Settings and make sure Use Multiroute Audio is toggled On. Select the USB PnP Audio Device (1+2) as your Audio Input. Select the Novation AudioHub 2×4 (1+2) as your Output.

11. Turn up volumes slowly – I find the Line2USB Cable runs fairly hot and I usually have my Circuit around 1/2 way up on the Volume. I’d also have the AudioHub’s Input Monitor on, and the Gain button at High (at least to start).

– The Line2USB Defaults to a 44.1/16 bit Output, which I believe is what the Circuit puts out as well. The Line2USB can also be used at 48k/16 bit.

Here’s what you should now see as Audio Input & Outputs within Audiobus:AudioBus Inputs - Behringer Line2USB

Line2USB Selected as Audiobus Input

Audiobus app - Novation AudioHub 2x4 Output


What I like about this setup – I still have the AudioHub’s Stereo Input free, along with the iPad’s Headphone Jack. I can play the Circuit’s Audio through the iPad via Audiobus, process and record it through FX etc, and then play it out via any of the AudioHub’s available outputs, as shown in the image above.

And with all these Audio Routing possibilities – you’ve still got Free:

  1. The iPad’s Headphone Jack.
  2. 2 Stereo sets of Outputs on the AudioHub 2×4
  3. The Stereo Input on the front of the AudioHub 2×4 (and of course the 1/4″ Headphone Jack to monitor outputs 1/2, or 3/4.

Still Room for Expansion Options

Some further ideas…

USB Monitors – In my setup I’ve also added a pair of the Behringer Studio50USB monitors – they have a USB Host Port to receive Audio from. With this setup. you can plug out the Host port from the Studio50USB monitors into one of the 3 USB Ports on the AudioHub 2×4.

Behringer Studio 50USB Monitors – Showing Ports

1/8″ trs to Dual RCA Cable can be plugged out of your iPad’s headphone Jack and into the Stereo input on the AudioHub, or you can use Headphones with the iPad’s headphone jack.

2 Stereo pairs of Outputs on the AudioHub 2×4 remain – so you can use those to monitor or play out audio to other devices.

With Audiobus and Multiroute audio enabled for iOS, you can have quite a robust monitoring, processing, and recording studio. The Novation AudioHub 2×4, with its built in 3 port USB Hub is a great, and great-sounding interface. And the Line2USB Cable, really opens up what you can do, passing its audio over USB on the AudioHub – I’m sure you’ll have some more ideas…

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