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Share Internet Connection with iOS – New Feature in macOS High Sierra

The “Share Internet Connection” built into High Sierra enables your Lightning-to-USB devices running iOS 10.3 or later to share the Internet Connection of the Mac. In my tests I’ve been able to match my desktop download/upload speeds ~ in my case this is a 70mb download and 5mb upload speed (maximum of my ISP plan). The feature previously baked into Mac OS Server, is now a native part of OS with High Sierra. It works with any iOS device on 10.3 or later.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Mac Connected to Internet via Ethernet
  2. iOS Device connected to Mac via Lightning-to-USB Cable
  3. Internet Sharing Enabled (System Preferences–>Sharing–>Content Caching

And that’s it. In my tests I got the full download/upload speed capacity of my home network over the connection:

One note, if you use IDAM (Inter Device Audio & MIDI Mode) it disables the shared connection.

Here’s the full August 21, 2017 article by Apple on Content Caching Services

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