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MIDI TimeCode Generation & Sync – From Ableton to iOS

Just a quick share of a terrific set of M4L tools from Showsync – who create technology for synchronized shows

MIDI TimeCode Generator – Uses a Max 4 Live Device, coupled with an External Max Device to Generate MIDI Timecode – syncing Live, and any endpoints you route the MTC from the Max Device. The Max Device recognizes all your available MIDI Devices, and can be routed accordingly. As you can see in the screen shot I posted, the MTC Bridge will send out all the common FPS rates. According to the description, Live cannot generate MTC – so M4L Device is paired with the MTC Bridge to handle the work.screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-7-56-56-am

If you point the MTC Generator at the IAC Driver Bus, or the Network Session, you can sink to any devices that can see those Ports – which works great if you want to get MTC to an iPad, or other wired and wireless devices.

If you are using an iPAd there are several options for receiving and routing MIDI TimeCode. There’s the Free App, appropriately titled, Midi TimeCodeimg_0621 – or you can use an app Like MidiFlow:1bda614c-a5a0-4212-b45e-35694607b57b Midiflow offers some powerful clock features. If you have purchased the “Controller Remappings” IAP – then you can alter the incoming Clock Signal, effectively dividing it, to perform tempo changes. This can be done with both Midiflow’s built in MIDI Clock, or the clock you choose. Each can see the IAC Driver Bus or Network Session, and then send the signal along to apps able to receive and work with MTC. the  app features a large and bright display, while MidiFlow offers arrays of TimeCode routing options.

For example, in Midiflow you can set up a Controller Assignment within this enables you to control TimeCode from your Keyboard – or with anything that can receive and transmit the appropriate MIDI messages. Here are some of the Transport options:screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-9-37-13-am

Lastly, Along with the MTC tool – Showsync also offer an SMPTE generator, that works in the same manner as the MTC tool. If you attach the SMPTE M4L device to an Audio Track – it will generate SMPTE time, and will monitor Warp Markers as well, which is a nice feature for keeping in sync continuously across clips. This could be very useful if you’re working with Video you need to keep in Sync!

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