iOS Music Production

Share any File between iOS & OS X

Here we’ll show how to quickly set up a Server to share files between your iPad (or any iDevice) and your Mac.

I use an app called Transmit:

But First, on the Mac, we’ll need some Clicks to get this going:

  1. Open up System Preferencesscreen-shot-2016-11-19-at-9-10-20-am
  2. Open Sharingscreen-shot-2016-11-19-at-9-11-17-am
  3. Click File Sharing – this enables what’s called an SFTP Server (Secure File Transfer Protocol)screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-9-11-41-am
  4. Click the Edit Button at the Topscreen-shot-2016-11-19-at-9-13-48-am
  5. Choose a Local Hostname (Whatever you’d like, just make sure it ends with the .local extension (Click OK)
  6. Click + Below the Shared Folders Window to Select Which Folders you’d like to Share on your newly created SFTP Server
  7. Click + to add Users to the File Server (probably already showing in the window)screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-9-17-28-am
  8. Using the up/down arrows at the Right side of the Users Window – Give yourself Read & Write privileges.

Great! Success! You’re now hosting a Server!

Okay, now to the iPAD side and the Transmit App

  1. Open the Transmit App
  2. Presuming you’ve followed Steps above, your Server should show up in the “Servers” Window
  3. Click on your Server316d7c50-e291-4a3d-93ed-f9e9817ba44e
  4. In the Credentials Tab enter the Address of your Server which will be the Local Hostname from #5 above – in my case showing in the above image as Ocsprey.local
  5. Port # should be 22 (This is default, and will be the same on Os X)
  6. Now for Username and Password this is the Same Username and PW you use to Log On to your Mac
  7. Once you’ve entered the info from #6 – Click Save
  8. Now Click Connect and Voila – you’re Connected back to your Os X SFTP Server – and are ready to Go!

Now some more “Tricks”

On the left side of the Transmit app Screen is the Local Side – Right Side is Remote Side

Local here means your iPad / Remote means Desktop

You can Drag and Drop Files and Folders between the Local and Remote Server – this enables you to:

  1. Take the entire Contents of a Desktop Folder and move it to your iPAD
  2. Add a Location like DropBox/iCloud/AudioShare to the Local Side – think about this, a Dynamic Library of all your Cloud Drives.

Another Great Feature is the “Open-In” option many Production apps have: 91485629-ae2b-44d3-a76d-abef1e8ddefd

Shown here I’m saving a file from Blocs Wave – by Clicking on Transmit, I can now save the file anywhere on my Local Drive, Cloud Drives, or the Desktop.

Second Option is to use Transmit to “Open-In” to an App. Shown here I’m opening a sound I made with the Novation Circuit: img_0210

  1. Just Click Send to – and a list of your Apps that support “Open-in” will pop up.

So now you’ve got the ability to send and receive any of your files to anywhere possible, keep them dynamically updated across your cloud drives as you see fit.

BTW Transmit is very very fast on Transfers. I did a 6 Gig transfer between Desktop to iPAD in about 9 minutes.

Transmit Can Access your desktop iTunes Library as well – so you can avoid much of the nuisance oft-complained about when an app only supports this method.

Your SFTP Server can just be left running, it doesn’t use resources, or interfere with any other protocols… it’ll just be there, on demand!

I’ll be putting out another post soon with some more Tricks and Tips for Transmit, especially using ITTT (If This Then That) techniques so you can instantly transfer in pre-programmed ways (for example, automatically have a ScreenShot uploaded to multiple locations).

Have fun!

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