Use iOS Apps with Circuit & LaunchPad Pro

In this quick video I show how easy it is to play iOS Music Production Apps through both the Novation Circuit & the LaunchPad Pro. The LP Pro is an excellent instrument for apps, as its Aftertouch and Velocity Sensitive pads add depth to your sounds. And the Circuit sequences the sounds, allowing you to tweak, arrange, and record:

In this example I use SynthMaster for iOS:

For this setup:

If you’re using a Mac – all you need is for the iPad (or other i-device) connected to the MAC via the standard Lightning to USB Cable. And you’ll need your Circuit And/Or LaunchPad Pro connected via USB to the Mac as well. No need for any special routing tools.

You’ll want to make sure your iPad is “Enabled” in the Audio/MIDI Studio:

Enable Device

Enable Device

You’ll also want to Create an IAC Driver Bus via the Audio/MIDI Studio: An IAC Driver Bus is for (Inter-APP-Communication) – in short it routes MIDI between devices. In this case, we’ll let MIDI from Synthmaster travel to and fro the Circuit and the LP Pro:

IAC Driver Bus

IAC Driver Bus

In Synthmaster – You’ll just need to make sure that MIDI gets onto the IAC Driver Bus


And that’s all it takes to utilize your Circuit or LaunchPad Pro to play along with your iOS apps!

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