Music Production

KxStudio’s Carla – AudioPlugin Host – OSX

Carla from KXStudio is a slick audio plugin host I tested today. On the Mac you download, install, launch, have it scan your plugins, and in my case I headed straight for the PatchBay – where you can link up 200 modules. I loaded up StudioMux with Mominstrument’s FluXpad + Techne Media’s Different Drummer, and the Jam Sequencer triqtraq from Zaplin Media. Carla worked great, just add in a new plugin instance of StudioMux for the individual app’s its hosting. Carla also supports a Wet/Dry and Randomize Parameter function – and can route MIDI between it and the Desktop. Carla also Hosts VST 3’s, and picked up all my Audio Effects, allowing filtering of them by type. Given its initial stability, I’m definitely looking forward to doing some further  MIDI exploring, along with its many other functionalities.

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