3D Sound & Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is back! Depending on your perspective, that statement might mean one of several things. For me, Virtual Reality is associated with Avatars and Virtual Reality Chat Rooms. In the late 90’s chat rooms were novel, so much so that they drove the development of #VR. Shortly thereafter, VR faded into obscurity. VR chat was kinda… weird. It didn’t feel right, it was almost too visceral, despite its clunky avatars and chat rooms.

Fast forward to 2015. Sometime last summer I caught an update from Google. Something about these images connected with me. I think on an unconscious level even. Genetic Algorithms are taking shape, and have been released into the wild. Most recently I’ve even seen this Neural Walk and Talk

downloadWhile reading about VR, I chanced across Oculus. Well, not so much chanced. Oculus has made big headlines this year, signing agreements with…. (_). The thought immediately sprang to my mind… 3D Sound. If I’m submerged in a 3D world – I want sound to come as it does in my everyday world. And I immediately wanted to design sound in that manner. I was quickly rewarded by Oculus, who have developed and released a free VST called the Oculus Spatializer.

And while I haven’t played with it extensively, it certainly has the feel of professionalism. Check out the background article from the Oculus Developer’s Blog: https://developer.oculus.com/blog/digital-audio-workstations-and-vr-audio/.

I think VR is here to stay this time.

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