Concept Album – Gently Assay

This is the music project I’ll be working on over the next 18 months (based on contingencies detailed below.

The Beginning:

I’ve always been an aficionado of the concept album. Though most fail, some also include unforgettable music, and concepts! The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Genesis – and many others have added to the genre. And not just confined to music, other forms of art like the written word, also have their concept albums. James Joyce’s Ulysses, Virgina Woolf’s The Waves, The Odyssey of Homer – to name a few. Joyce and Homer employed a time line of 24 hours, or sections, Joyce also added in layers of narrative types, hamlet parallels, and some others. There’s just a certain appeal to the idea of “the day in the life of a man” a term of philological homage more than material. Music lends itself to this idea, something about cyclicality, and soundscapes encapsulating.

To that end, and to the end of open-sourcing this project. Here are some of my initial sketches:

1. 3D Sound
2. Make it your own album/modulate(able)
3. Day in Life/Ulysses
4. Roughly 5 min per song? (seek input here)
5. Adaptive album seems important, and making that feature streamable as well.
6. The notion is a polyphylla (Ableton M 4 Life by Mellisonic) -esque that is dependent on external source (i.e. game feed via Twitch or home console, or whatever input)
7. Ableton Link App to make/record the album anywhere

Track Concepts:

1.) After – Moody Blues/Spoken/Ambient soundscapes – very subtle (6-8am)
2.) Mo(u)rn – Rise/Reflective – but grows slightly sunnier (8-10am)
3.) D(E)rive – glitchy pick up/ fits starts / then roll hard trance / walking/ hypo/hypno (10-12am)
4.) Br(EA)k – downtempo funk/soul/love – vocals – stage singer – small lunch club – jazz – complex percussion (12-2pm)
5.) daze/Days (2-4pm) – Jazz soul evening commute/synth pop/Stereolab/catchy/clap
6.) De(R)ive II – -(4-6pm) – -Angrier Getting it out before getting home/Synchronicity II.
7.) Mov(I)e Me (6-8pm) – /Dinner/Winding it down
8.) Home/ork (8-10pm) – Downtempo Put Away Dishes/Study/Ancient Aliens etc/ornate.
9.) Under/Cover (10-12pm) – Experimental/your time/spacey expansive.
10.) Ri(IM)e (12-2am) – Drumstep/Witch/Dark/Erratic/Still
11.) Lie (2-4am) – Dark/nightmare/Sandworm/Noisia…
12.) Channels (4-6am) – Oscillations/Synth experimental/mono to stereo/phasic

My overarching goal is to experiment with each of the musical styles detailed above, which will be an interesting (to me) approach. I’ll also be learning to make continuous mixes, video integration, sampling, synthesis, and all the other fun technologies that come with producing an album from the home studio.

I’ll be using the following tools:

DAW: Ableton Live Suite (9.5)
Synthesizer: Synthmaster
Novation Launchpad Pro
Novation Launch Control XL
Novation AudioHub 2×4
Isotonik LaunchControl XXL
MacBook Pro 2015 (16 GB Ram etc)
2 27″ External Dell 4K Monitors
Sony FDR-AX100 4K Camera
Logitech Z5500 Sound System

I also have a 2nd PC Setup for Python etc., compiling, and Beta Testing Live.

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