8 Disappointing Technology Issues we face in 2016.

Conceptual image about how a smartphone or a tablet computer with internet open a virtual door to worldwide information and multimedia sharing.

We felt the need to list off some of these pressing and pathetic internet issues. We feel in 2015 these issues should no longer exist, and it’s time to get over them and move on with a nice happy internet life. So here goes…

  1. Bluetooth – Love the way it consistently pairs up with multiple devices, never has conflicts or connection issues. I never have to waste time in Settings, Turning Devices on and off again… Bluetooth hasn’t felt faster or better in a decade…
  2.  Broadband speeds, mobile speeds. Speaking from the U.S. here, these blow. Signals to the home are programmed to be as slow as possible, pointlessly throttled by an industry advocating for Tiered Services and NO net neutrality. Come on Service providers, you don’t own the internet… so get off our backs and open up the pipes so we can innovate and produce! We really shouldn’t have an abysmal global speed rating so you can make a few extra bucks.
  3.  Building a website. Sure, it’s easier than ever, progress is being made. But the whole racket of figuring it out, programming it, hosting… what an absolute joke. Building a fully awesome webpage at this point should be a skill-free endeavor.
  4.  Bloatware – If it wasn’t the most awful junk ever, it would almost be palatable. Do you really have to stuff it down our throats after we just paid you for the device?
  5.  Storage Space – It’s hideous how we have to pay for hard drive upgrades, especially on mobile. Selling a base model that barely has enough space for the O/S and then offering exorbitant upgrades is… well, I guess typical of this platform model. Sim Cards and swappable batteries should be the de facto norm, anything else serves no other purpose than to gouge consumers.
  6.  Security – It’s great to know in 2015 that I must entrust my entire identity to the internet, and that it’ll regularly be exploited at my expense, forcing me to monitor my identity every month, manage passwords, pay for identity insurance… Should this really fall on the consumer? It’s time to get it together on the security front.
  7.  Cookies – Sorry websites, your pleas for me to enable you to track my every waking internet movement, must go unanswered. Or rather, my response is, “NO!” I’m sorry, but you’ll have to figure out some other way to extract money out of me. Maybe I’ll pay, or maybe you stop putting content in the public domain, then trying to steal out my back pocket? Also, you’re doing far more greasy stuff than innocently collecting data… we’re talking complete and utter identity profiling. This has NEVER been a requisite of surfing the web… so how ’bout you get off the web, and I can live without you.
  8.  Music Movies – Here’s what I want: what I want, where and when I want it, and free. And I say to you for that, “you’re welcome!” Look I just watched or listened to your art. I’ll write nice comments, share it with people. Others will do the same, if you are good, yours will rise. Anybody in love with main stream cinema these days? Paying song by song, but you are just renting the song, a licensing fee, if you will. So bogus and I say the “RIAA ExPeriment…” is over. You wreck art, and deceive by claiming to protect it!

And that’s it… for now. But we want to know… what did we leave out???

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