Requisite Internet Cat Story

contentAlthough an unabashed cat fan, I try keeping cat content to a minimum. Cats can be divisive on the internet.. something something cats and dogs. That being said, I had a cat experience last night and decided it merited some words.

Tragically, one of the family cats, Fiona, a silver and gray Maine Coon, died unexpectedly. After a while, the family decided we were ready for another cat. We adopted a cute little black kitty named Andi. Unfortunately, Andi escaped the house, and for several frantic hours we could not find her. Everyone was dismayed. Fortunately, as I was walking the street I spotted a little black puff, and on closer inspection, yellow cat eyes! Kitty was hiding under some briars, but after calling her for a minute or so, she begrudgingly walked out to me. I could tell she was scared because her hair was all puffed out. I picked her up and she clawed and growled at me. I managed to get her into the house, and secured into my office.

The family was much relieved, and I was as well! By this time it was getting late, so we all went to bed. When I woke up the next morning about 5 I went into my office, to check email and start my day. When I went in the kitty was on top of my bookcase, and still looked agitated. So I walked over toward her, talking to her and figuring she’s still nervous about her outside experience. But as I got closer she really started growling, and since she was on top of my bookcase, I couldn’t really approach any closer. Now I was worried! What if she got bit? or went feral from being in shock outside or something?

I start to walk backwards, because it’s clear the cat is highly agitated! As I’m shuffling back, I feel a rub on my ankle, freaks me out! I look down, and it’s… a little black kitty! Now mind you at 5am, in my relatively dark office, having been awake for only 3 minutes or so… I am highly confused! I yell out “WHAT THE HELL” to no one in particular.

Then it dawns on me – our cat was never missing. This evil hissing black fur ball I rescued, is actually a feral evil hissing black fur ball and not little cute Andi! As it turns out, Andi was just hanging out somewhere in the house, and I rescued a demon cat from the briar patch in the darkened wood.

Andi and I ran out of the room, then after I regained my grip on reality, I threw open the office windows, closed the door, and Wrong-Andi escaped. So ends my cat tail. Meow.

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